Road Ranger Releases Dropracks + Roof Tent Video

This video shows the simplicity of setting up a roof tent on Dropracks. 
Read about the main challenges of roof tents on traditional roof racks below.

The Two Challenges of roof tents

1 - Mounting the Roof tent onto the car roof

Roof tents are heavy and often have a dead weight between 40 - 80 kg. Mounting such bulky objects on the top of a car is challenging. 

Often the car is a big offroader, and the best way to load the roof tent is using a fork lift.

With Dropracks, the roof tent can easy be lifted and mounted by 1 - 2 persons at comfortable height, before lifting it up to the car roof.

Dropracks also makes it easier for the user to remove the big tent from the car, when its not in use.

2 - The Setup

A big challenge for many overlanders, and roof tent users i the setup of the tent itself. The video above shows howDropracks makes the tent easily accessible for the end user. You can move around the tent and set it up at comfortable height before lifting it up again. There is no need to climb the car in order to set it up.Dropracks Black XL with Roof tent setup at lowered position

 Dropracks Benefits

- Dropracks provides hassle free installation of your roof tent to the rack.

- No need to lift the tent higher than the car.

- Quick and easy to mount and remove the roof tent.

- No need to climb the car to set up the tent. Simply walk around.

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