Road Ranger Releases Dropracks & Kayak Video

This video shows how you simply crank your kayaks up and down with Dropracks. 
Read about the main challenges of transporting kayaks on traditional roof racks below.

The Challenges of Transporting Kayaks

1 - Kayaks are Heavy

Big item and specially sea kayaks can range between 20 - 30 kg, and heavy lifting above shoulder height isn't good for your health.

2 - Kayaks are Long

Long items needs extra caution to balance, to prevent uncontrolled movements of the kayaks. Combining long and heavy objects makes loading kayaks onto car roofs especially challenging.

3 - Securing Kayaks for Transportation

Before you can drive of with your kayaks, allways make sure your kayaks are tightened securely to your kayak carirer. Often you can not see the tiedowns, and 

With Dropracks you can simply walk around your kayaks and make sure to tie down the kayaks properly before lifting them onto the car roof.

where you often cannot see the tiedowns. There is no need to climb the car or throw tie-down straps around to secure your kayaks with Dropracks.

Dropracks easy lifting roof rack with kayaks on Mercedes Gwagon

How Dropracks Benefits Kayak Enthusiasts

No need to lift kayaks above your shoulders

Bring your kayak alone

Reduce risk of demaging the car

Quick and easy to secure your kayaks with tiedowns straps

No need to climb around the car to tie down


Kayaking in the sunset

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