Utemaster Opens Dropracks Presales for Kiwis and Aussies

Dropracks will soon be available to Aussies and Kiwis!

You can now preorder both Dropracks Black XL and Dropracks Black Sport directly from Utemaster's production line in New Zealand, and become one of the very first Dropracks owners down under.

Utemaster's mission is to use innovation to enchance peoples lives, making them the perfect partner for Dropracks.


Utemaster's production line will ensure high quality "Dropracks by Utemaster" for the next years.

Reserve your rack today by following the link below:


Dropracks roof rack by Utemaster on a Volkswagen Amarok with bike carriers and mountainbikes


Dropracks roof rack by Utemaster - Dropracks Black XL on 4x4 ute with kayak and bike loaded

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