Dropracks <3 Adventures

Have you ever found yourself struggling to lift bikes, kayaks, skis or other sports gear onto the roof of your car? 

This is a challenging task faced by many adventurers due to the height of the car and the weight and size of the gear being lifted.

Carrying your sports gear with Dropracks provides a whole new roof rack experience. Load you sports gear onto Dropracks  comfortably, efficiently and safely.

With Dropracks you can load your roof rack at waist height. The integrated crank provides you with enough leverage to lift a fully loaded rack back onto the roof. Load your car roof effortlessly and with style.

Dropracks Black XL roof rack with Thule bike carriers

Photo: Dropracks with Bike carriers making the bikes easily accessible on the side.

Don't worry about lifting heavy kayaks over your head or scratching your car paint while balancing your bike with your arms outstretched ever again. 

Dropracks - Next Generation Roof Racks

Dropracks comes with the universal, standard T-track on top of the loading surface. The T-track gives you the possibility of attaching your favourite sports carreirs, such as:

- Bike carriers
- Kayak carriers
- Surf board carriers
- Ski carriers
- Roof boxes
- Roof trays
(...) And more!

Make sure your sports carriers come with T-bolt connections, the latest standard for roof rack equipment.

 Dropracks Black XL Roof rack with thule kayak carrier and greenland ayaks
Photo: Dropracks with Thule K-Guard and Thule Dock Grip kayak carriers.

Dropracks is designed to be the ultimate roof rack for your adventures.

If you're a kayak enthusiast, bike-junkie, thrill seeking freeskier or just want to extend your cargo space with a roof box, Dropracks is designed for you.



Dropracks XL

Dropracks Sport

Load Capacity: 80 kg 75 kg
Width 160 cm 140 cm
Effective load width 150 cm 130 cm
T-track distance 85 cm 85 cm
Custom length crossbars possible? Yes Yes
Weight 33 kg 29 kg


Dropracks roof rack with Packline roof box on Audi A6

Photo: Dropracks Black Sport with Packline NX215 Roof box.

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