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Roof tents are becoming increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts, providing a comfortable and convenient way to camp. If you own a Dropracks roof rack system and are wondering how to attach a roof tent to it, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process, ensuring a secure and hassle-free setup for your outdoor adventures.   Before we begin, lets also have a look at some dimensions, and weight capacities, and specially have a look at the Static Capacity wich is the one to look for when the rack is in the...

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Dropracks can be installed on a variety of cars. Every Dropracks comes with some "connecting bars" included in the package that has a spread between the front and rear mounting position of 85,0 cm. We ofthen reffer to this as the Fix Point Distance, and it goes alongside the car roof. So what if my car roof has fixed installation points that are not 85,0 cm apart?   Rest asured, there are solutions.  For some popular car models, we have pre-made "connecting bar kits" for specific distances, and in this case we use the pre-made 1445 mm connecting bars for installing on...

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A6 Audi Dropracks Sport EQB EV installation Mercedes Raised Rails Thule Evo Raised Rail -

People often ask : Can I move Dropracks from one car to another? 

Yes, you can! And in this video we show you how simple it's done!


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