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Fitting Dropracks to a Pickup with "Naked / Flat Roof"

Fitting Dropracks to a Pickup with "Naked / Flat Roof"

If you're an adventure enthusiast or simply need to expand your pickup's carrying capacity, investing in a sturdy roof rack system is a great idea.

Today many pickups are delivered with a flat / naked roof without any roof rack attachment options. Some will say that there are opportunities to attach crossbars to the door frames, but most people who are serious about their trucks prefer to install a reinforcement to carry more roubust roof rack.

For Dropracks, it's no different. We recommend to get longitudinal roof rack channels installed by your roof rack outfitter or DIY if you are into that. This process requires drilling and sealing your car roof.

Some rack outfitters that does this on a daily basis are: 

- Rack Attack (Got fitting centers in most US states)
- Roof Racks Galore (Dropracks dealer in Australia) 

Another option is to install longitudinal steel rail reinforcements, such as Yakima Ruggedline and Rhino Backbone. Theese systems are usually used to attach a platform type roof rack, but they are also perfect for attaching Dropracks.

In the photos below a customer has fittedlook at a similar type rail system; from Fronntrunner - Their Slimline II steel rails.