Moving Dropracks Between Cars

Moving Dropracks Between Cars

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People often ask:

"Can I move Dropracks from one car to another?"

Yes, you can! And in the video below, we show you how simple it's done!

It's a two-personjob, and the process takes aproximately 5 minutes.


Tools needed

- The Clamp Key

- 5 mm HEX Key


Why move the rack from one car to another?

- Planning to purchase a new car, and would like to fit Dropracks to the new car as well.

- Owning several cars, and would like to switch the cars that Dropracks is fitted on. 


Step by step

1) Make sure the roof rails / attachment on the car is clean. 

2) Remove obstacles if possible. Antenna, Fold in side mirrors if possible. 

Lifting the rack onto the car from the front is usually simpler, and you avoid the mirrors.

3) Unliock the clamps / towers with the locking key.

4) Untighten the clamps with the 5mm HEX key

5) Lift the rack straight up (two persons)

6) Lift Dropracks of the car roof.

7) Lift Dropracks onto the new car roof

8) Position and allign Dropracks to fit the new car.

9) Tighten the clamps with the included Torque limiter

10) Test the rack, and controll functionality.

11) Lock the clamps with the key.


In this video we use the Thule Raised Rail EVO clamps / towers / connections. 

This is a very solid and user friendly fitting.

Thule Raised Rail Evo


If your cars have different roof rack fitting options, make sure to replace the clamps before attaching Dropracks to the new car.


In this Video

- Dropracks Sport

- Thule Raised Rail Evo Clamps

- Mercedes Benz EQB

- Audi A6


Article numbers:

Dropracks Sport: DR140

Thule Raised Rail Evo, Europe: THU710410

Thule Raised Rail Evo, USA: THU710405