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Find your roof type

Find your roof type


In order to choose the correct fittings / towers / clamps to your car, you need to know what type of roof your car has.

This is not listed in the vehicle registration document or possible to find out in any other way than by looking at your car roof.

Once you have checked this, you we can figure out what kind of setup is the best fit for your car.

Theese are the 7 main roof types

Raised Side Rails

Two rails run parallel to the doors. There is a gap between the roof and the rail where you can slide in your hand.

Flush Side Rails / Low Roof Rails

Many modern cars with roof rails have this type of rails. The rails run parallel to the doors. There is no gap between the rails and the roof, and impossible to slide your hand underneath. 


Fixed Points

Attachment points for roof racks, that are usually hidden by plastic covers or plastic plugs.

Tracks / Channels

Metal Channels or slots normally C-Shaped that run parallel to the doors. Tracks can be Original or installed aftermarket. Cars with naked roofs can get aftermarket channels installed to fit Dropracks.


Metal ridges running along the top of the doors on either side. The Ridge slightly sticks out from the side of the vehicle. 


Factory Crossbar

Crossbars and side rails that came pre installed with the vehicle or dealer. Normally theese can be removed, and Dropracks installed to side rails.

Naked Roof

A bare roof with no attachment for roof racks. To install Dropracks on such vehicles, we recommend using a rack outfitter and install Tracks / Channels or similar.