Dropracks XL - 160 CM

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Horizontalt elevating roof rack designed for quick, simple and effortless loading and unloading of your gear. 

Simply Lift your fully loaded roof rack back on the roof with the crank system. 

▸ Quick, simple and comfortable loading and unloading
▸ Standard T-Channel on top for load carriers; skis, bicycles, kayaks, roof boxes, and more
▸ Horizontal loading surface
▸ Integrated lifting crank with adjustable momentum / force
▸ 4 rubber strips at the top for friction and protection
▸ Load Dropracks from 3 sides
▸ Automatic click lock for quick departure
▸ Compact, closed construction in driving position
▸ Black anodised aluminum finish
▸ Developed in Norway for Norwegian conditions
▸ Tested and approved in accordance with international standards for roof racks 

✓    Fits bike carirers with standard T-bolt attachment

✓    Fits kayak carriers with standard T-bolt attachment

✓    Fits roof boxes with standard T-Bolt attachment

✓    Fits roof racks and roof trays using standard T-bolt attachment.

      Technical Data

      Dropracks XL

      Load capacity

      80 kg 176 lbs


      29 kg 64 lbs


      160 cm 63"

      Load width

      150 cm 59"

      CC T-track distance*

      85 cm 33"

      Drop distance

      80 cm 31"


      8 cm 3,1"


      Compared side by side - Dropracks Sport & Dropracks XL Dropracks Sport & Dropracks XL Dimensions comparisation chart

      Fitting & Installation

      We generally recommend Dropracks XL for wide car roofs, as found on vans and bigger pickup Trucks.


      What attachment does your car roof have for roof racks?
      Dropracks can be fitted to the following
      ✓    Raised roof rails
      ✓    FLush roof rails
      ✓    Fixed point installation points*

      ✓    Gutter mounts
      ✓    Tracks/Channels

      Please note that attachments must be bought separately. 

      Contact us for recommendations for your car.


      For the DIYer: Dropracks has a C-channel in the bottom interface, measuring , 

      * Connecting bars may be customized / ordered extra. We recommend extra long connecting bars for vans.



      Insttruction manual (.pdf)

      DIN 75302 - Roof Racks - Dropracks Test Report (.pdf)