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About us

Our Story

The origins of Dropracks can be traced back to Trondheim, where a group of business and engineering students met while studying at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

We had all been annoyed by the difficulties of loading our sports gear onto the car roofs. - Kayaks after a long day at sea
- Skis into the roof box without climbing the car
- Lifting bicycles without risk of scratching the car.

There should be a simpler way of doing this

We were confident that we had what it took because of our specialties in construction engineering, business development, intellectual property rights, product development, and prototyping, as well as a significant amount of creativity.

We wanted to solve all the loading challenges of the car roof once and for all, and started the development of "The Ultimate Lifestyle and Adventure Roof Rack" - Dropracks.

In 2019, five years later, with completed master's degrees, we finally launched Dropracks on the market to the first customers in Norway.

In 2022, we have dealers in more than 10 different countries, from Australia to Korea and the USA, and we are launching Droprack's version 1.7. Improved a little every time.

Fun facts

Different parts

The Engineering Team

Dropracks have been developed by engineers with a passion for sport and recreation. We have always searched for the "simple", robust and safe solutions.

Our specialties are kinematics, product development, mechanics, rapid prototyping, industrial design and IPR.

"Every single millimeter and position of every single component in Dropracks products is carefully thought out."

This is the result of four years of purposeful development by our engineering team. We have combined precision with creativity and expertise.

Feel free to ask us why a component has exactly "this" design, and you will be amazed at the thought and development behind it.

The original "Dropracksen" will be in its seventh edition (V1.7) in January 2022, and the product has been continuously improved since the first version was launched on the market in 2019. The iconic design still uses the classic patent, and for each new production series, we have incorporated some improvements from the previous edition each time.

Now all our in-house developed products, including Dropracks, share the same design principles: Design and construction, aesthetics and functionality, form and function, have come together seamlessly.

Why Choose Us?


Quality has always been at the heart of our development, as we want our products to last while being used every day.

To ensure the highest quality, we have established a production collaboration with Hettich, which is a world leader in the production of moving products.

Our Dropracks have also improved over time, little by little. Thanks to feedback fro our customers!

As a small company with limited marketing funds, we depend on satisfied customers. We don't have even close to the same marketing budgets as larger companies.

Therefore satisfied customers and "word of mouth" have always been and will still remain our most important channel. Huge thanks to everyone for showing of your Drorpacks!

Following ever-increasing demand for additional equipment for Dropracks from our customers, we have expanded our range to also include additional equipment for the car roof. Some designed by ourself, tand some by third parties. All The products you find in our online store are all of high quality, and are products that we have tested ourselves and vouch for. (Depending on your region there may be variations available).
If you have any questions about your Dropracks, we are just an email or phone call away! Should you be unlucky and need a spare part, we have all parts in stock in Trondheim.

Feel free, move free

Enjoy the feeling of freedom, that’s the feeling we want to capture when we use our products.
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