About us

Horizontal Elevating Roof Rack ?

We founded the company in 2015 with one purpose, to develop the solution to the ultimate roof rack challenge. We put together a team of business and product developers in order to create/develop and commercialise the most user-friendly roof rack yet known - Dropracks.

Four years later we finally launched our first products onto the market.

Dropracks Black Sport horisontal elevating roof rack with mountainbikes

Who We Are

We are a team of  engineers with a passion for outdoor sports and recreation. We believe in simple, robust and fail-safe solutions.

We specialize in kinematics, product development, mechanical engineering, construction technology, rapid prototyping, industrial design and IPR.

"There are several reasons for every millimetre of positioning for each component in the Dropracks."

This is a result of four years of development and improvement by our team of relentlessly imaginative and competent engineers combining precision with creativity and expertise. Ask any of our engineers about why any part has its current design, and you will be amazed by the answer.

Key Milestones


Company Founded

Soft funding received

Proof of concept kinematics model


Proof of concept full scale operating roof rack

Kinematics patent 1 filed

Emissions & Investment


Kinematics patent 2 filed

"Road-ready" concepts ready for extensive user testing on cars


Filed patent families approved

Dropracks Black XL Prototype 1 exhibited at Automechanika Frankfurt

Pre-sales started


Sold out pre-sales production series 1

Products tested and complies with German Roof Rack Standard Norm

Series production started

Signing license production agreement with Utemaster for Australia and New Zealand

Signing exclusive distribution agreement with Dr Höhn gmbh (Road Ranger) for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Signing production agreement with Hettich

Dropracks Black Sport Horizontal elevating roof rack with mtbs


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