The best choice for your passenger car

Horizontally raising and lowering roof rack for transporting bicycles, kayaks, roof boxes and more. The integrated crank makes it easy to lift a fully loaded roof rack on your own.


Dropracks lowerable roof rack with kayak carrier and kayaks


▸ Quick, simple and comfortable loading and unloading
▸ Standard T-Channel on top for load carriers; skis, bicycles, kayaks, roof boxes, and more
▸ Horizontal loading surface
▸ Integrated lifting crank with adjustable momentum / force
▸ 4 rubber strips at the top for friction and protection
▸ Load Dropracks from 3 sides
▸ Automatic click lock for quick departure
▸ Compact, closed construction in driving position
▸ Black anodised aluminum finish
▸ Developed in Norway for Norwegian conditions
▸ Tested and approved in accordance with international standards for roof racks 

    Technical Specs

    140 cm - Total Width
    130 cm - Effective Load Width
    85   cm - CC Distance between front and rear
    75 kg    - Load Capacity
    29 kg    - Own Weight

    Complies with DIN75302 - Standard for roof racks.

    ✓    Fits standard accessories with T-bolt standard. 

    Recommendation and Size

    We recommend Dropracks Sport for Station Wagons and SUVs.

    Fits most passenger cars!

    Standard T-Channel in the bottom for interaction with footpacks and fitting kits for your vehicle. (Bought separately).

    ✓    Fits bike carirers with standard T-bolt attachment

    ✓    Fits kayak carriers with standard T-bolt attachment

    ✓    Fits roof boxes with standard T-Bolt attachment

    ✓    Fits roof racks and roof trays using standard T-bolt attachment.

    Car roofs
    ✓    Raised roof rails
    ✓    FLush roof rails
    ✓    Fixed point installation points

    ✓    Gutter mounts


    Installation Manual(.pdf)

    DIN 75302 - Roof Racks - Dropracks Test Report (.pdf)